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Choose your pricing plan

  • Individual Plan GPT

    Every month
    Individual Plan
    • Added to the Gold Pyramid Tribe Dawes Records
    • Learn the Customs &Traditions of Gold Pyramid Tribe
    • Learn about the titles, positions and leaders of GPT
    • Participate in forum and community discussion
    • Find other family of indigenous background
    • Create personal profile
    • List your business(es), trade(s), skill(s)
    • Connect with other GPT members
    • Learn about the dynamics of unity
    • Learn about the dynamics of family
    • Wealth building
    • Understanding health and healing.
    • Learning how to live off our resources
    • Understanding advanced technology
    • How and where to start your family genealogy
    • Subscribe to our private group on FB - Gold Pyramid Tribe
  • Couple Plan GPT

    Every month
    Two individuals.
    • Includes everything in the individual plan.
  • Family Plan GPT

    Every month
    Family Plan three to 10
    • Everything in Gold Pyramid Tribe's Individual plan
  • Group Plan GPT

    Every month
    10 to 50 in a group
    • Includes everything in the individual plan.
  • Business GPT

    Every month
    'Black," P.o.C, African American, Negro businesses only
    • Submit your business information on website or email.
    • Become a verified business member of Gold Pyramid Tribe.
    • Listed on GPT as a verified member.
    • Partner with GPT
    • Free advertisement(s) - links, products and/or service.
    • Short video ad(s).
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